Founded in 2006, NTMDALL is one of the most distinguished law firms in Argentina. The firm provides a comprehensive legal service with specialists in all branches of private law.



Our law firm, nowadays known as NAVEIRA- TRUFFAT- MARTINEZ- ANIDO- LORENTE & LÓPEZ had its origin by the merger which took place at the beginning of 2006, between the prestigious law firm "Naveira, Truffat & Associates" with Mr. Jorge O. López. The result was our current Law Firm with partners who have been devoted to the different fields of corporate law for more than 20 years.

The law firm is formed by eight partners and more than 15 associates, graduates from the best Argentineian universities, many of them bearer of prestigious postgraduate degrees. All of them have established their professional practice in our law firm, providing an effective and comprehensive coverage of a wide array of disciplines related to corporate counseling, in this way achieving comprehensive counseling for our clients in different subjects related to bankruptcy and restructuring, commercial and corporate law, lawsuits tax planning and labor and employment law.

The structure of our office is remarkable and we are constantly taking advantage of technology in order to make the most of its use. This allows for a permanent training of our human resources. Our work philosophy is based mainly on four pillars deeply-rooted in the founders of the law firm: professionalism and quality of the service rendered, team work, personalized treatment of our clients, efficiency and speed in the resolution of matters in order to provide a better service to our clients.

If you would like to have personal contact with our firm, do not hesitate to ask for an interview. We would be very pleased to furnish any additional information about our firm, our members and our services.


We provide counseling services to companies undergoing situations of insolvency, bankruptcy, and corporate crisis

• Counseling regarding pre-bankruptcy proceedings, preparation of accounting and corporate documents, verification of compliance with legal requisites, previous negotiations with creditors, and out-of-court preventive settlements.
• Preparation of the request for presentation in pre-bankruptcy proceedings and legal counsel in all the stages thereof.
• Legal defense of managers and directors against civil and fiscal liability.
• Pre-bankruptcy creditor's meeting and bankruptcy of natural persons facing situations of insolvency.

Counseling in Commercial Matters

• Organization of corporations.
• Counsel for the adoption and execution of shareholders’ agreements.
• Purchase and sale of companies and “due diligence” processes.
• Operations related to Mergers and Division of capital of corporations.
• Dissolution and liquidation of commercial corporations.

Counseling in Tax Matters

• Tax planning for specific operations.
• Argentine exchange system and forms of corporate financing.

Counseling in Labor Matters

• Contracts of employment.
• Legal representation in proceedings involving labor disputes.

Corporate Disputes

• Actions directed to contesting Meetings.
• Corporate and individual liability action of managers and directors.
• Judicial call to Shareholder's Meeting.
• Auditing of Corporations.
• Judicial dissolution of Corporations.

Civil Procedures

• Lease Agreements.
• Performance and cancellation of contracts.
• Tort liability.
• Compensation for damages.

Enforcement Procedures

• Securities Enforcement: procedures for mortgage foreclosure and enforcement against pledge procedure.
• Enforcement of orders and judgments.
• Enforcement of foreign court orders.


Partners and Lawyers.

• Gustavo Adolfo Naveira

• Edgardo Daniel Truffat

• Oscar Alejandro Martínez

• Claudio Roberto Anido

• Javier Armando Lorente

• Jorge Osvaldo López

• Diego Fernando López Ugolini

• Mariana Russo


•María Beatriz Fernanda Soria


• Marina López Armada

• Juan Sabia

• Dolores Garay

• Leonardo Hernández

• Giselle Comesaña

• Favio Landi

• Diego Fernando Madero

• Felipe Bruno Martinez

• Valentín Tomás Martinez

• Mariana Mastrovincenzo

• Mariana Orsanic

• Agustín Raimondi

• Juan Bossi

• Agustín Zemborain

• Nicolás Orlando

• Vittoria Gambone

• Lucila Ocorso

• Diana Komavli

• Santiago Miani

• Eliana Boruchowicz


• Agustina Soffer

• Tomás Grosz

• Oriana Ekes

• Mariano Giardelli

• Maximiliano Fernandez